Pro Cycling Manager Guide

TIP : You can find out the time difference between any two riders by using the "Measure time gap" command successively on these two riders.

Basics - Introduction

If you’re a beginner, we recommend you start in the Pro Cyclist mode before you set out on your first races, with one rider only, as it shall make the assimilation of the basics of Pro Cycling Manager easier for you.

There are two types of races: one-day races, that are called "classics", and races that cover several days, that are called "stage races".


These races are completed in a single day. The winner is the first rider over the line, so race strategies are fairly simple. "Paris-Roubaix" is, for example, a classic on the cycling calendar.

Stage races

These races cover from 2 to 21 consecutive stages (sometimes interspersed with one or two rest days, when they are long).

There can be several objectives and strategies because a variety of classifications interest the riders: the stage classification, of course, but there is also the general classification on time (the addition of the times for each stage and for each rider), young rider classification (the same, but for riders under 25 years old), points classification (usually targeted by the best sprinters) and the mountain classification(the best climbers). These classifications are recognised by the wearing of a distinctive jersey during the following stage.

A rider who does not finish a stage cannot take part in the next one: a withdrawal is definitive!

The most emblematic stage race on the calendar is the Tour de France.