Pro Cycling Manager Guide

TIP : The Superprestige ranking is open to all riders, regardless of the division of their team.



Teams are divided into three divisions:

Cya World Tour

Contains the 38 biggest races and tours, pitting the 18 best teams against each other.

Continental Pro

This intermediate division is made up of 25 teams, with a calendar that is shared between Continental races and possible invitations to prestigious Cya World Tour races.


This is the lowest level of professional cycling. The teams can only take part in races on the Continental calendar.

Strengths and weaknesses

The strengths and weaknesses of the teams are visible in the radar diagram during the choice of a team at the start of a game.

These averages are translated into radar diagrams, like the one below, taking into account the attributes of the main types of riders in the team: Stage races, Hills, Cobblestones, Sprint and Time-trial.

Here for example, we have two teams: N°1 specialized in mountain and stage races, N°2 in cobblestones and flat terrain.

As such, N°1 would be more suited to the multiple stages of the Tour de France, while N°2 would perform better in the single day, northern classics.