Pro Cycling Manager Guide

TIP : Three hardware configurations can be stored on the hardware selection page.

Career - The races


A professional cycling season comprises different types of event:


Compete in a race

You can register for more races via the Team>Schedule menu.

Races are split into 4 periods during the year. A team belonging to the Cya World Tour division will have more races offered to it than teams from lower divisions.

NB: Make sure you register for races that correspond to the objectives of your sponsors, designated by stars, as well as for races that meet the objectives of your leaders.

Before you do register, check out the profile of the race by passing your cursor over the (i). Several factors must be taken into account :

Here are the different states of a registration:

Wild Card requested
Invitation requested

Note: Underneath the table there is a deadline for changing race registrations for the period.

Calendar monitoring

You control the career (and game) rhythm. You decide whether to pass through the days in the calendar more or less quickly, according to how you want to monitor your team and other matters.

As you move forward day by day (via the calendar bar) it is wise to keep an eye on your inbox as well as on your finances. It is also important, from time to time, to check your team's development via the detailed sheet in the Season section, in order to ensure that your team is on top form for important events.