Pro Cycling Manager Guide

TIP : If one of the energy bars is empty, the rider will be unable to attack or follow an attack.

Career - Contracts and Transfers

Contracts/transfers take place over 2 distinct periods: a first, "pre-transfer period", runs from 1st May to 31st July and a second, "transfer period", runs from 1st August to the off-season at the end of October.

During the first period, on the 1st and 15th of every month (from May to July), you receive points that allow you to establish a contact with the agents of the riders who interest you the most for next season. .

Each contact established has a value in points that is set by the rider's agent, depending on the rider's level as well as other criteria that are relative to your team.

A targeted rider's interest in your team will gradually rise and this will be crucial for a successful signing in August when transfers officially begin.

As the "pre-transfer" period advances, the number of points at your disposal increases, allowing you to gradually widen your contacts. You are advised to begin with the riders who are the most difficult to convince (those with a low interest in your team) because there is a chance that interest will significantly increase, the earlier contact is made.

From 1st May to 31st July you are in the "pre-transfer" period and, here, you can see that the tab is highlighted and displays the number of points available (1).

It is in the table on the right, Search, (3) that you can find riders who are out of contract at the end of the season. The "Open" button (4) allows you to open the dossier with the rider's agent in order to increase his interest in your team. The rider then moves onto the left: Current dossiers (5).

When you have finished selecting your dossiers pour la fortnight, you can press the "Confirm the dossiers" button (6). You will receive feedback on progress, 2 weeks later.

Be careful though, because nothing is sure in the world of contract negotiations: agents of the most sought-after riders can, at any moment, decide to up their value in points, requiring you to make a tough choice to break off a contact that could jeopardise a future signature.

You will have to adapt your recruitment strategy to these twists as well as not forgetting to take care of your own riders who are at the end of their contracts. They can also have a desire to look elsewhere!

During the second period, from 1st August (section (2) that is highlighted), transfers are possible for the next season. You must set up direct talks with riders to make them a contract offer. Each of your talks can cost points so, given that you have a limited number for use during the transfer period, think out your strategy in advance. Only contact those riders who really interest you and with whom you think you could sign a deal.

Take note:

Contract offer

As manager, you may negotiate on 3 criteria: salary, length of contract and rider’s role (1). On his side, the rider will have expectations regarding your offer as well as preferences such as team nationality, his role within the team or minimum salary (2).

Each rider has a certain amount of patience points (3) and the offers you can make are limited. If the rider loses his patience before you can come to an agreement with him, he will no longer want to be contacted by you. Each time you make an offer, you can see where you met his expectorations and where you didn’t, what remains of his patience and how close you are to an agreement on the Agreement gauge (4). The rider won’t sign with your team unless the Agreement gauge is at 100%.

Opening discussions with any rider does not ensure that the rider will sign for you and so you should keep a close eye on the 'Transfers' news on your 'Messages' page. All ongoing transfer news is displayed here, and it is here that will also receive messages from riders that would like to join your team. A link in the message will bring you directly to the contract negotiations window.

Make sure to keep an eye on rider transfers between rival teams. Each team has its own budget and its own recruitment strategy. They will seek out the best possible riders to strengthen their squad and attenuate any weaknesses, and they might be interested in the same riders as you, or even in riders in your own team. Nationality plays a major role in rider transfers, which might be to your advantage or not.