Pro Cycling Manager Guide

TIP : Protection is only possible if both team-members are in the same group.

Pro Cyclist - Manage your cyclist

The Pro Cyclist management screen

In the same way as in standard career mode, you will find the tools to manage your rider.

The central zone changes depending on the page being viewed, but the background always displays the same static elements. Below, you will find a short description of the static elements that make up a screen in Pro Cyclist mode.

1) The arrows allow you to track back and forth through recently visited pages.

2) The main menu tabs. Click on a tab to display the underlying sub-menu.

3) Allows you to: quit to the main game menu; open the options screen; access online help or quit the game altogether. 4) The in-game date. Click on it to open your calendar. You can view the details of each event and, if you click on any given day, you can advance the game to this day.

5) To advance to the next event, click on Continue.

Note: You can advance or stop the day by day simulation by pressing the keyboard spacebar.
6) Your messages. It is here that you receive all the important information provided by the game on a daily basis (race invitations, injuries to your team-mates, contract offers, etc.). You may encounter a message that is marked "Some decisions require your attention". If this happens, find the message marked with a "!" in your inbox and solve the problem before moving on. Any text in yellow on this screen provides a link to the page in question.

7) Filters allow you to sort your messages by category.

8) Your rider's schedule for the current week: it includes training days, indicated by the letter T, as well as his race days. The part below indicates your rider's fitness at the current date, as well as his fitness peak gauge.

9) The achievements of your rider list your main achievements during your career.

10) General data on your rider.

11) Advancement of the XP bar and the current level.

12) Manager Satisfaction

13)The next race and the next sponsor objective in days (d) or weeks (w).

Rider data

Detailed information on your rider. This mainly allows you to see past results and career evolution.


The Training screen allows you to:


As in Career mode, fitness management in Pro Cyclist mode comes in the shape of a dashboard.
Available as of January 2nd via the Rider>Training, Fitness menu, the dashboard allows you to manage the training rhythm and the race schedule of each of your riders, week after week.It provides an overall view of his fitness, of his tiredness and of his race schedule.

1) The curve showing the evolution of your rider's fitness over a month: You can navigate week by week, or month by month, by using the yellow arrows on each side of the graph. 2) The rhythm of training, races and your rider's activity by week:
It is for you to adjust his rhythm for optimal preparation and minimum tiredness on the eve of the big day. You can adjust the intensity of training on 4 levels: NB: races are also taken into account in your rider's weekly activity: Each race day occupies 1/7 of his week, approximately 14%. If a rider has a race on each day of the week, it will be occupied to 100%, just like a week of hard training. On the eve of each race, training corresponds to recovery, regardless of the expected intensity for the week.

NB: a week at 100% is very useful to progress fitness, but it is the build up of work over several weeks that counts. A succession of high intensity weeks will lead to your rider building up a high level of tiredness, leading to a negative impact on fitness. You must therefore, from time to time, inject breaks and quieter weeks, in order to balance a good preparation with an acceptable level of tiredness.

3) View of the evolution of your rider's fitness over the year: it will allow you to quickly appreciate if he is in tip-top form for his personal objectives.


It is here that you will be able to define the axis of training of your rider and see his progression.

The axes of training correspond to the different rider specialisations: Baroudeur, Northern classics, Time-trial, Stage races, Climber, Puncher and Sprinter.
His attributes will progress depending on the chosen axis of training.

Season objectives

As in Career mode and in order to optimise his preparation, you must define the intensity of pre-season training for your rider, depending on his first objective.


This allows you to view the calendar of future races. A default race schedule for the season is assigned to you by your manager. You can change your schedule by using your race points, but the final decision on taking part in the race depends on the manager of your team.

You can: You only have a few points at the start of the year, so be careful not to change too many races at the outset in order to keep some for later periods. Some race invitations may arrive during the season as a result of your race performances. You can earn additional points during the year by levelling up. The more points he has the more likely he is to take part in prestigious races, but be careful not to exhaust your rider; do not be too greedy.

NB: the same total of points is used to request team-mates when you are a leader. If your aim is to make a leader of your rider, you should save points in order to choose the best team-mates available inside the team.

Conditions also apply to the category of races open to you, based upon your access level. A career starts at level I which gives access to the lowest category of races. The following conditions must be met to advance to higher levels:

Condition Category unlocked
I Win your first race. .HC
II Win a race or a distinctive jersey of a category HC race. World Tour Others (Other Tours, Other Classics)
III On a WorldTour race: make the top-5; win a distinctive jersey or win a stage. World Tour Major (Major Classic, Other Grand Tour)
IV Make the top-5 of a major classic or a Grand Tour; win a stage or a distinctive jersey on a Grand Tour. World Tour TDF

Note: if you fail to meet the conditions to access a higher level you have an alternative with the rider's level, but it will take more time.

Race objectives

At the beginning of each 3D race, you receive various instructions and information from your team.

Your role in the race

Leader, Team-mate, Spinster, Baroudeur or Free element: a role will be assigned to you for the race and a team strategy will be established from that. It's up to you whether you want to stick to it, or not.

Manager objectives

Your manager will have defined a race objective for you, depending on the role assigned to you. Achieving this objective will allow you to gain XP and to increase the manager's satisfaction gauge.

Leader's instructions

During a race, your leader can give you instructions for you to follow in order to improve the overall performance of the team. They are very common if your rider has a team-mate role. You do not have to follow them. It's up to you whether you want to work as part of a team or whether you prefer to go for a solo victory.

Manager Satisfaction

Manager satisfaction is an important parameter that you should seek to keep at a high level if you want to be well-positioned in contract negotiations.
By achieving race objectives, you increase this satisfaction. Get as many good results as possible! The manager's satisfaction drops off slowly from March onwards and only by achieving race objectives will you show him that he was right to offer you this contract.