Pro Cycling Manager Guide

TIP : If there is a strong side wind, beware of bordures.

3D Race - Interface and controls

User interface

1) Rider information: There is a control panel on the left side of the screen for each of your riders. Each panel contains a multitude of information.

Race controls

2) Action panel:

3) Rider and environment: Information on the rider currently selected on-screen as well as slope and wind data at that position.

4) Groups and time gaps: displays information on the stage profile, distances travelled and remaining distance.

5) Distance and profile panels: Distances to intermediate sprints and the finishing line for the race leader. The race profile shows the location of sprints and climbs as well as the position of riders along the route.

6) Control of race environment: Enables changes to be made to graphics (including the size of control and information panels), camera, game speed and music.

7) Context menu: A right click on any rider allows you to follow, protect, check a time gap, position a rider, ...

8) Important zone: displays useful information when approaching a zone that is important to the race.

9) Rider information: allows you to customise the display of names above the riders according to various criteria (team members, top 10 in overall standings, top 10 in mountain standings, ...).

Game speed and camera

The racing environment control area (6) enables you to change the race speed and the camera. Some sections are less tactical than others, so you can increase the race speed. However, make sure you don’t get caught by surprise and find you are unable to react.

When you increase the race speed, the game calculates all the race parameters more quickly. You may find that when you return to normal speed, the riders stop for a fraction of a second as the simulation readjusts to normal speed.

It is important to have a good view of the race to fine-tune your tactics to make the right decisions. Use the different types of cameras and selection shortcuts to have full visual control of the race.

Keyboard shortcuts


Select riders: 1 to 9 of numeric pad(1= first choice, 2= 2nd, etc)

Select all the riders present in the target group: 0

Select all team members: Ctrl +1/2/3, etc.

Select a saved group of team members: 1/2/3, etc.

Target the next/previous rider: Left/Right arrow

Target the next/previous group: Page Up/Down

Target and select the next/previous team mate: Up/Down arrow

Sort rider control panels according to current race positions: Backspace

Move a rider sideways: Numpad 4/Numpad 6


Display/Hide rider control panels: F2

Display/Hide race profile/time-gaps: F3

Display/Hide rider information panel: F4

Display/Hide all interface elements: Ctrl + U

Display/Hide windsock: O

Display in-race information page: Space bar


Default camera: F5

Switch between cameras: F6


Display online help: F1

Victory celebrations: W / X / C / V / B / N / ,

Increase/Reduce game speed: +/-

Pause game/Resume at normal speed: P