Pro Cycling Manager Guide

TIP : For the same level of effort, your riders tire more on cobblestones than on asphalt.

3D Race - Time-trial

Individual time trial

The individual time trial is a race where you control your riders singly. Each rider must achieve the best time possible and it is crucial you know how to manage your riders so they neither burn out during the stage nor conserve too much energy. The best riders in time trials are the good flat riders, because they can set a strong and constant rhythm throughout the stage.

When you compete in a time trial race you should basically monitor the two gauges to the left of your screen that represent your rider’s energy level (yellow bar) and the remaining race distance (blue bar).

To achieve the best time possible, you must adjust your effort cursor so that the two bars move down simultaneously. However, this gauge will change depending on the terrain over the stage; during the climbs you will be forced to reduce your effort level too much and will lose a significant amount of time. It is therefore prudent to expend more energy on the hills and reduce your effort in the subsequent descent to enable the two gauges to equalise.

Use your first riders to assess the inclines, descents and other key sections of the race, because you will also be able to manage your riders’ efforts effectively if you can anticipate the course. In any event, never finish a stage with a fully depleted energy bar, even if it is only the last kilometre, as it will greatly affect your performance.

Team time-trial

The team time trial is a tricky race where you must be acutely aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your riders to win. Unlike the individual time trial, you will not only have to manage your riders’ energy levels for the remaining race distance, but also the relay duration of each rider.

When you press "0", you can select all your riders and adjust the effort of each rider in your team and the average duration of the relays. You can also ask a rider to stop his relay by clicking the icon on the left of the screen next to his name. This screen enables you to manage your riders’ relays and monitor their energy levels during the race. You will gradually learn how to manage the team time trials through the seasons and learn to exploit your riders’ specialisations.

In a team time trial, the final time is taken from one of the riders in the team (the 5th in the Tour de France), and not on the last rider. You can of course arrange your team such that your group is led by excellent flat riders so that not all the riders will be able to sustain the rhythm. You can also plan regular relays so the effort is shared among your riders.

The idea is to use the strengths of each rider in your team to optimum effect. A very good climber will certainly be able to lead your group during the inclines, but some riders may burn all their energy just trying to follow the pack if the effort required is too high. As a general rule, try to give more relays to good riders, but make sure you don’t exhaust them so you finish the race only with riders of average ability.

NB: in Pro Cyclist mode you only control your own rider. Therefore, some team control functions are unavailable to you. This rule falls by the wayside when you achieve the status of a leader for a race: you can then issue orders to riders from your team who are in the same group as you.