Pro Cycling Manager Guide

TIP : The lower a rider's morale, the more he tires during training.

Pro Cyclist - Skills

Skills allow you to enhance your rider in four different branches as you advance: Performance, Personality, Discovery et Race.

Each time your rider levels up, you receive a skill point that allows you to then go to the "Skills" page in order to choose one.

In each of the four branches there are 3 skills, each with 3 levels.


The skills in this branch allow for more consistent and robust management of a season thanks to improved knowledge in domains linked to fitness.

Fitness Peak

Optimise the duration of this key period in the season of every professional rider.


A few times in a season, turn the tide and reverse an expected negative race-day condition.


Better manage tiredness that results from a hard preparation. As a result, you can produce more consistent performances across the season.


The skills in this branch allow more advantages to be gained for career development. Don't people say that, above all, you need character to become a champion?


Have more influence in the team by receiving more points for changes to your race calendar and team-mate requests.


Gain more XP each month.


By having more contacts of interest, have greater impact on the agent's work in the spring when he is looking for a team.


The skills in this branch allow more information to be gathered on riders, inside or outside a race.


Learn more quickly about riders (team-mates and opponents) taking part in the same races as you.


Learn more quickly about riders thanks to race results.


Be more effective during the observation action in a race.


The skills in this branch allow technical and strategic possibilities to be extended during races.


Stand out thanks to your understanding of your bike and the way you handle it.


Be more astute and inconspicuous during manoeuvres to bluff opponents.

Super Leader

When you have the role of leader in a race, it enables a team-mate to momentarily surpass himself for you.