Tour de France Guide

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With the Race mode, you can take part in stage races or classic races (single day). Choose 1 team from the 26 teams available and try to fulfil your objectives so you can earn XP to unlock new races.

For each stage raced, you earn XP (5 XP on Amateur difficulty, 10 XP on Professional and 15 XP on Champion or Legend). If you win a stage, you earn double the XP. If you fulfil your team's objective, the XP is doubled at the end of the challenge, which helps you to unlock races quicker.

For each race, the game registers your various victories in each classification to draw up your list of Accomplishments for each team.

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You can also create your own event with the My Tour mode, where you select the stages to be raced as well as the competing teams. You gain the same XP to unlock new races and new stages. You can also choose the level of opponents, the colour of distinctive jerseys, as well as the number of riders per team.

Pro Team


The Pro Team puts you in charge of a team that will have to prove itself to attain peak Pro Cycling ranking.

To reach the number one spot, you will need to score the maximum amount of PC points per season. You can earn these points by finishing stages in well-placed positions, through your overall classification, and also by winning other classifications (green jersey, polka-dot jersey, combativity, best young rider).

The more you participate in prestigious races, the more points you can earn. Depending on your classification at the end of the season, you receive bonus points which will enable you to recruit better riders. But watch out: the riders have exacting standards and will only join your team if it has a high enough PC classification.

Your team starts at the very bottom of the ladder. You will have to prove yourself to get an invitation from the race organisers. To take part in the most prestigious races like the Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix and score a high amount of PC points, you must first demonstrate your skills in lesser races such as the Route Corse or the Open Tour.

In Pro Team mode you will manage a squad of a maximum of 15 riders. You must keep them in peak condition in order to perform well in races they are suited to. To this end, you can give each rider 2 peaks per season. While in peak condition, their chances of performing in bad condition are greatly lessened.

You must also manage the riders’ weak moments as they will have a much higher chance of performing badly when not in peak condition. This would all but eliminate any hope of coming out on top in the overall classification. You will have to rotate the members of your squad in order to maintain a competitive team at all times.


If your team's position in the Pro Cycling classification is good at the end of the season, you can select and build your team to take part in the World Championships. Select your cyclists based on race type to try and win the rainbow jersey.

Pro Leader


Pro Leader mode lets you create your own rider and guide them through various missions. Each mission you complete will allow you to improve one or more of your rider’s ratings, making them stronger. Completing all 136 missions will turn your rider into a downright cycling legend.

You can choose between 4 career paths: climber, sprinter, puncher and versatile. Depending on your choice, your rider will begin their career with different ratings which will help or hinder them in completing certain missions. For example, a climber will have more difficulty winning missions that improve their Sprint rating, and more ease on missions that improve their Mountain rating.

worldch At the end of the season, if the championship races are suited to your cyclist and if your results during the season have been good enough to impress your national federation, you may be selected to represent your national team in the World Championships. This is a unique opportunity to wear the rainbow jersey for the whole season. But be aware, a sprinter won't be selected to take part in a mountain World Championship, and conversely a climber won't be called upon if the circuit is flat.



Discover how to control your cyclist thanks to mini-tests.



The Editor allows you to create 3 databases so that you can live your own customised experiences. You can alter the ratings of riders, the starting line-ups of each team, as well as the teams invited to each race. You can also alter the wearers of distinctive jerseys, the names of riders, as well as the names of teams.